In sales, when you are Creating the Sell, many times we hear the terms, advancing the sell, the value proposition, high gain questions, and many other terms for simply YOU creating the sales opportunity.

Simply put – without you the sell doesn’t happen. What is it about you that makes prospect want to buy… or not buy? In Creating the Sell, answer the following 3 questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you doing the job that you are doing or owning the company that you own?
  • Is this your passion? If so, why?

If you can answer these questions honestly (which you should do because you are the only one looking at this) then do. If you cannot, then don’t.

Without an honest appraisal of you – you cannot be the ultimate salesperson, the ultimate you. Stop, slow down – focus on what makes you – YOU. Then refocus on the client. You will see a big difference in how you approach sales and life when you understand yourself better. Do it now!

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