5 Negotiating Tactics – Number Five: Closing

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5 Negotiating Tactics – Number Five: Closing

In a previous post, What is Negotiation?, we discussed the Five Negotiating Tactics. This is the fifth and final installment of  going in-depth with an explanation of each of them. This post covers the closure to negotiations.


Put it in Writing. Once you have both come to an agreement, put it in writing, right then and there. Make sure there are no misunderstandings. If the close is emotional for either side, take this into consideration as well. Remember there is no room for emotions in negotiations, so if you’re the one who is emotional — gain control or finish the negotiations when you can control your emotions. DON’T close the deal if you’re not in control.

Make sure all concessions are in writing and that you and the other negotiator sign off on the agreed-upon terms. This isn’t a time to rush, but instead to make sure both parties are in agreement. You both should be satisfied with the end result. Finalize the agreement and move forward without delay.

This concludes the in-depth explanations of the Five Negotiating Tactics. Focus on the areas that need to be improved, but also refine the areas that are your strengths. Explore how many times you engage in negotiating today and enjoy the give and take of Negotiations!

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