The Second of Three Leadership Skills – Collaboration

This is the second of Three Leadership Skills:

2. Collaboration
It is now time to help your individual team members collaborate. This is probably one of your biggest jobs as a leader and manager...

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Leadership: Two Ways to Grow Leaders in Your Team

First we want to make sure we pick the right candidates and sometimes this is a difficult task. We have a tendency to choose leaders from those individuals that are excelling at a particular job. You might say “Well, Holly, that’s pretty logical, why...

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Management – Empowerment

In this video, Holly Katko discusses one of the important points of Management and Leadership.
How to become a more effective leader and earn empowerment. How to earn empowerment: provide respect to others, helping others, and guiding others.

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Management – Coaching with C.A.R.E.

Coaching Means C.A.R.E.

In the Management Arena, my definition of coaching is to help create an environment that will give your employees an opportunity to grow, develop, and pursue new goals. This is accomplished in collaboration with the goals of the organization and setting the level of leadership.

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