About U-Connect, Inc.

U-Connect, Inc., specializes in Business Training and Business Consulting.  We dig deep into the core areas of Small Businesses, Franchises, or Corporations – by focusing on Leadership Development, Sales Training, and Customer Service Training.

Our training programs are built specific to your company’s needs to ensure Key Performance Indicators are met day-in and day-out within your organization. Clients from across the country or across the world benefit from the resources we offer to all types of industries.

Our passion is to help owners and management by engaging their teams in a training process designed to increase the most critical areas of business.

Clients have experienced an increase in sales by 20%, company-wide consistency in customer service/culture, and pure focused leadership with a plan for long and short-term success.

Leadership.   A strong team is only as good as its leadership. We work directly with management to ensure full engagement by them and their teams. We help managers remove the obstacles.  Whether it’s setting goals or learning how to handle difficult employees, we are here to coach them to the next level.

We have developed more than 10 management programs and additional management certification courses through Ken Blanchard (Holly Katko is a Certified Situational Leadership® Trainer and a Certified Management Essentials® Trainer).

Sales.   Our programs teach the importance of using the assumptive sales process. Assume the Sale by Helping.  Not once, not twice, but in every conversation you have with clients.  You can soon have a great client by simply following this formula:  H.E.L.P. – H-High Gain Questions, E-Educate, L-Listen, P-Provide.  It is the client that decides if your program or product is right for them, why not HELP them understand the WHY behind the BUY.

Customer Service.   When sales are increasing, the resulting customer service training keeps customers coming back.  Learn how to build a consistent measurable program that’s starts the minute your new client says YES!  Build touch points into every sell.  Set up the expectations with your client and assure them you or your team will be by their side every step of the way.

Operational Audits.   How do you ensure your services and products are the high quality you promised? Simply set the standard and stick to it! Through Operational Audits your company will easily identify those areas that continually need improvement. Whether you already have a process in place or need to build one, we are here to help.  We will build and perform audits for you onsite or online. Typical audits may entail observation and correction of the processes, review and discussion of reporting, location maintenance, and cleanliness.

Our custom solutions are designed for those looking to create long-term, sustainable, positive change within their organization.

U-Connect, established in the year 2000 by Holly Katko, continues to create the experience clients seek. Specializing in building and creating a dynamic and consistent system that allows clients to take the message and quickly plug it into their own organizations for maximum utilization is what U-Connect is all about.